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Scrape Millions of rows of data without getting blocked

Before GetOData API:Getting Blocked by captchas, Cloudflare, and other complex antibot mechanisms while scraping essential data for your business. Handling proxies, vpn’s and locations is a seperate hassle.
After GetOData API:Extracting thousands (even millions) of rows of data without getting blocked even once, integrate proxies from the location of your choice, bypass Any complex antibot mechanisms and captchas with ease. This API is built by Data Extraction expert. Try it out and see the power of GetOData API today.

What's Different About us? 🔥

Never get blocked like others do when extracting data

Project feature
Bypass every antibot mechanism
We have set Powerful systems that can get data from any website and we only charge for successfull requests.
Project feature
Proxy location of your choice
Set the location you want to get the data from. We have millions of rotating proxies from every location you would like.
Project feature
Affordable price
Scrape millions of rows of data need not be expensive. We offer the best price & service in the market.

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